We Connect Trustees

We connect Trustees to real estate disposition solutions on asset sales nationwide.

A first-of-its-kind, sales, modification and analytics solution has become the smartest way to maximize estate value for creditors even on over-encumbered assets previously thought of as nonsalable.

Our Solution Does Most of the Work For You!

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Trustee Benefits

Below are just several benefits to working with us:


A decision tool that empowers trustees to make determinations on whether real estate assets qualify for a Consented Sale™.


A national real estate marketplace and offer management technology that markets and sales real estate to a mass audience of interested buyers, achieving the highest fair market value, and the greatest yield to the estate.

Consented Sale™

An enhanced short sale that brings all parties together in consent with a pre-approved price or credit bid. Consented Sale™ is completed through the bankruptcy court using 11 US Code § 363(b) or 363(k). Consequently, avoiding foreclosures and further deterioration of assets. .


Debtors benefit from a Deed-In-Lieu by avoiding foreclosure and shorting the time it takes to rebuild their credit. While the estate can create value by administering it in bankruptcy. The trustee is authorized to execute a DIL on behalf of the estate.

The National Bankruptcy
Broker Network

A national network of certified and trained real estate brokers and agents that specialize in Consented Sale™.

Loan Modification Program

Debtors that wish to retain their home, and have the financial ability to afford it, can now simply modify their loans while in bankruptcy.